Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

How will your customers reach out to you?

Well, if you are running an online business, it becomes really important to build a connection with your customers and the first point of interaction is always the contact form. It is almost impossible to imagine a successful business without a contact form.

Now you must be wondering, even adding an email address will work then is there a need for separate contact page or form, right? An unprotected email address on your website is actually an invitation for the spammers as they can easily pick your ID and add to their mailing list.

Contact form is the most fundamental part of your website and skipping it is totally a bad idea. Creating a contact form is not a Herculean task. It’s in fact quite simple and smooth sailing with the help of Contact form plugins offered by WordPress.

Here is our handpicked list of contact form plugins for WordPress:


WPForms is a popular plugin among beginners. You can create attention-grabbing forms with easy to use drag and drop feature. There is no need to write a single line of code to build the page using WPForms.

Not just contact forms but also other useful forms like order forms, donation forms, subscription forms, survey forms all can be effortlessly created with this plugin. Be it desktop, mobile or tablet, the form looks great and works well on every screen size. The plugin offers a good number of pre-built templates that you can choose that best suits your style and needs without wasting much of your productive time.

WPForms plugin is available both free and paid versions.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the premium form builder plugins that is well known for its flexibility feature. This plugin is a perfect blend of the user-friendly and clean interface which is why most of the developers prefer using this plugin.

Like WPForms, even Gravity Forms offer drag and drop option which makes form building a matter of minutes. There are more than 30 fields that you can use to build a purposeful form along with features like payment gateway add-on (for payment forms), helpdesk integration for support forms, user registration facility for registration forms and much more.
There is no free version available for Gravity form. You can avail of this plugin only with paid plans starting $59.

Ninja Forms

Another popular WordPress plugin for creating contact forms, Ninja Forms comes with hundreds of features and functions. The plugin comes with a beautiful interface and is simple to configure.

Even Ninja forms plugin is flexible and incorporates unique features like email integrations for email opt-in forms, payment gateway integration for payment forms, CRM integrations, file uploads, user registration facility for registration forms, etc. Ninja Forms also offers a number of notification options. The pre-built form templates is a total time-saver as it helps in creating beautiful forms in almost no time.

Ninja Forms plugin is available in a free version as well as at premium pricing plans.

Contact Form 7

If it’s about popular WordPress plugins for Contact forms, then Contact Form 7 has to be on the list for sure. With over 5 million active installs, Contact Form 7 comes across as the most stable and reliable plugin for creating forms.

The forms built using Contact Form 7 look sleek and minimal while the plugin offers unique features like radio buttons, checkboxes, CAPTCHA, FAQS drop-down menus and much more. However, this plugin doesn’t have a much user-friendly interface and also there is no drag and drop option available You need to build the form using some shortcodes.

The best part about this plugin is that it is completely available for free. There is no premium version available for Contact Form 7.

Formidable Pro

Formidable Pro WordPress Form Plugin

More than 200000 professional use, Formidable Pro is a professional-level contact form builder. Not just contact forms but this plugin helps in creating dynamic forms in the most simple way. Formidable Pro is said to be the first-ever solution-focused form making plugin by WordPress.

The three main highlighting features of the form builder are drag and drop feature, visual styler and email notifications. Apart from the contact form, you can also build forms for survey, payment, registration, email marketing and much more. You can use the pre-built templates to create quick forms.

Formidable Pro is available at standard to elite pricing.


jetpack plugin

JetPack is another powerful WordPress plugin that comes with a plethora of amazing functionalities which also includes a contact form builder. You can integrate contact form on any part of your website. It’s just hassle-free.

It’s a drag and drops editor plugin using which you can easily add, edit or rearrange form fields. JetPack also helps in setting up a custom email just to receive notifications. Some of the notable features of this plugin are spam filtering and dashboard notifications.

JetPack is available for free while the premium plan starts from $3.50.


QuForms WordPress Plugin

QuForms is WordPress’s premium-only contact form builder. The detailed interface and more than 19 form fields, creating a contact form with QuForms is quite easy and professional -looking.

Some of the most useful features of this plugin are pre-built form templates, file attachments, popup form display, multipage forms, and conditional logic. QuForms also offer mobile-friendly web forms and additional highly advanced features.

This plugin is available for $29.

So these are the most popular and downloaded contact form plugins for WordPress. Hope this article helps you to choose the best plugin to build the best customer relationships.


    • Pirate Forms is a simple and user-friendly contact form builder that comes along with the CAPTCHA support. You can create contact forms using a basic builder and a shortcode. There is no drag and drop feature. It is quite similar to Contact Form 7 but comparatively has a better user interface.

      Tons of customization and add ons are available for Pirate Forms. However, Pirate Forms is now WPForms which means it has been acquired by WPForms. Hence, this makes the form builder better and modern form creating tool.

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