Best User Registration Plugin for WordPress?

Best WordPress User Registration Plugins that suits Best your Business

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think from their perspective, “Do they really appreciate the registration process?”

Registering for websites is definitely no fun for users. In fact, let’s admit the fact, users almost feel like bashing the screen. But, there are some businesses that cannot live without registration. For instance, registering students’ information for a course or online program or registering user details for the conference, user registration is an extra and inescapable step in the process.

Again, think from your user’s perspective, “Would they prefer the hassle-free online registration or choose to stand in the long registration queues to fill the paper forms?”

The online process would be more convenient for users, isn’t it?

Unnecessary paperwork and exhausting queues are just pissing off, people. After all this blah-blah, we have come to a conclusion that for easy and streamlined user experience, without a second thought user registration plugins would work wonders. Neither the business has to suffer (due to lack of user participation) nor the users have to suffer (due to sucking registration process)

WordPress user registration plugins just come as a blessing for businesses as it helps to create elegant, simple, clean forms that your users won’t be alarmed of. Most importantly you are able to declare the purpose of the form due to which users engage in, wholeheartedly.

Every WordPress user registration plugin boasts powerful features, you need to analyze and pick the one that best fits your business purpose.

So to get you going with a seamless user registration process, immediately, we’ve listed our best picks.

Best user registration plugins for WordPress

  • RegistrationMagic
  • User Registration
  • Ultimate Member
  • User Registration & User Profile
  • WP User Manager
  • UsersWP
  • ProfilePress
  • ARMember
  • Easy Registration Forms


A powerful user registration plugin to create custom registration forms and user logins

Total control of user registrations on your website. What else do you need? This plugin allows you to create forms with pre-defined fields and also helps you in making multiple registration pages for assorted users.

Every new registration is monitored as well as logged on the dashboard. So you can expect to make informed decisions about the form modifications. RegistrationMagic plugin is available for free and comes with a plethora of features.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Create unlimited online user registration forms
  • Effortless user registration form creator
  • Visual form manager available for designing
  • Create multiple form styles without code
  • Built-in user login form
  • Replicate forms
  • Gets integrated with email marketing tools like MailChimp
  • Gets integrated with WooCommerce
  • Generates custom user registration URL
  • Get full control over registration form
  • Secure payment gateway integration like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net

User Registration

User-friendly, tailor-made registration form, user profile and login for WordPress

Eliminates complicated coding, the simple drag and drop builder helps to create user registration and login form in a jiffy. The User Registration plugin by WordPress is flexible and can create any registration form with great ease.

The user can conveniently fill the form from any device as the plugin creates 100% mobile-ready forms. The plugin also supports a frontend profile account page for editing profile, password change, log out, and much more. Even the free version comes with a package of features.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Create unlimited online user registration forms
  • Manage frontend profile account
  • Send email notifications both to user and admin
  • No coding required, several templates available
  • Duplicate form option available
  • Auto-login option available
  • Suitable for eCommerce websites too
  • Translation available
  • Form preview option available at the backend

Ultimate Member

Top-notch user profile & membership plugin for WordPress with a range of features

The power admin functionality and stunning frontend elements have made Ultimate Member an ultimate choice of more than 100,000 websites. The drag and drop builder helps to create forms with enhanced user experience.

You can effortlessly create a user based website with WordPress. The core plugin, incorporated with myriads of awesome features is available for free. It also offers some great tools.

A quick glimpse of features

  • The plugin is flexible, either buy extensions in bulk or individual
  • Customizable form designs
  • Theme available that seamlessly integrates with this plugin
  • Create multiple registration forms
  • Able to generate user rolls
  • Select action after the person registers on site
  • Email sending automated through the registration process
  • Wide range of custom field options available

User Registration & User Profile (Profile Builder)

All in one and easy-to-use user profile WordPress plugin

Right from user registration to profile manager, Profile Builder plugin serves all-purpose for WordPress. With easy shortcodes, you can build user registration, front-end login, and edit profile.

Both the frontend and backend look beautiful while managing users is more organized and systematic than ever before. The free version itself is loaded with so many useful features that you might think of going for the premium plan soon.

A quick glimpse of features
  • Drag and drop builder for creating forms at ease
  • Shortcodes available for profile building, registration, and logins
  • Able to create extra user fields
  • Able to create multiple user listings
  • Create multiple registration forms and edit profile forms with the premium plan
  • Enhanced email marketing with MailChimp and MailPoet integration
  • Access to documentation and support

WP User Manager

WordPress plugin that offers most customizable profiles and community builder

Known as a highly customizable form and community builder, WP User Manager is completely powerful and flexible. It comes across as an effective solution to manage your community. It is easy to set up and you also get full control over registration forms.

Exceptional features and extensions like data export account deletion tool, Google reCAPTCHA is available with free version too.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Developer friendly as well as beginner-friendly
  • Custom email notifications available
  • SEO-driven URLs
  • Translation ready
  • Simple user directories
  • Custom widgets and redirects
  • Easy to add custom fields
  • WooCommerce integration available
  • Create unlimited online user registration forms


Lightweight and customize frontend and user profile plugin for WordPress

Another killer WordPress plugin for user registration, UsersWP is favorable if you need to create something lighter and easy to use. Better user experience is what every business demands and this plugin delivers the same.

It is easy to set up and totally compatible with page builders. As compared to all other user registration plugins, UsersWP is said to be by far the simplest option available. It is also super fast which is another plus point.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Easy to use drag and drop form builder
  • Simple interface with shortcodes
  • Profile pages consist of profile images, cover images, menu, etc.
  • More than 15 add ons already available
  • Redesign and modification of template possible
  • Also covers information like user posts, comments


User registration, front-end login and user profile creator plugin for WordPress

Zilch knowledge in coding? Then think twice before you opt for this plugin as basic HTML and CSS knowledge will be required in order to create eye-catching forms using ProfilePress.

The themes offered by this plugin are clean and engaging, however, they come with a price tag. Again a gentle reminder, if you are not well-versed with coding languages, there are several simple drag and drop form builders, you can go for them.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Unlimited user logins and frontend login forms
  • Preview form design live while coding
  • Social logins luke Google, Facebook available
  • Redirect users to a dedicated custom page after login, logout, registration, password reset, etc.
  • WooCommerce integration possible
  • Get unlimited front-end password reset forms


One-stop solution for creating user registration form and user profile without coding knowledge

Yes, you read it right, ARMember is another killer WordPress plugin for user registration that doesn’t require coding knowledge. It is also low priced with customer support, what else do you need?

Creating login and sign up forms doesn’t take much time with ARMember. User profiles can also be enhanced with avatars, cover images, and username. The extensive membership support offered by this plugin also makes it a popular choice.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Unlimited membership types available
  • Allows social logins like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Multiple payment options available
  • Get bbPress integration
  • Built-in security options
  • Custom email notifications available

Easy Registration Forms

Create powerful user registration forms with an uncomplicated process.

Create multiple forms with multiple fields of your choice using Easy Registration Forms plugin for WordPress. You can make the interface as intuitive as possible with drag and drop builder and a handful of shortcodes.

It is super easy to create any type of form, even contact form. This plugin also offers multiple form layout options so you can customize the form completely as per your need. And to add more to its plus points, Easy Registration Forms plugin offers great features for the free version and the customer support is also incredible.

A quick glimpse of features

  • Unlimited number of user registrations
  • Relay information with the reporting system
  • Built-in login form widget
  • Affordable and powerful premium add ons
  • User registration notifications
  • Get unique user ID generated for each user registration
  • Myriads of forms on a single page

The internet is flooded with user registration plugins, but we’ve chosen the best and have curated for you. Hope it helps you to make the right choice.

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