Find Catchy Blog Name with Best Blog Name Generator Tools

You always dreamt of starting your own blog and finally, the day has come!

So you start with finalizing a blog name. Oh! but how shattering it is, if the blog name you desired for is already taken.

Agonizing, right?

You might get similar name suggestions but you are in no mood to settle down with the alternatives. It’s actually a universal problem for bloggers. Coming up with a unique blog name that reflects the subject of your blog, having the right keywords as well as a creative essence is quite an uphill struggle.

If blogging is a serious business for you, then you cannot be lenient with the domain name. Along with being catchy and unique, it has to serve SEO purposes too. Instead of brainstorming or rather overthinking, you can use the automatic blog name generator tool.

What is exactly the blog name generator?

As the name suggests it’s an automated online tool that helps you to generate unique blog names instantly. You need to provide keywords or keyword phrases and accordingly, the tool will offer you a list of available domain names. Most of the blog generator tools allow you to buy and register a domain name, instantly.

2 Ways of Blog Naming

Keyword-based Blog Name

When you wish to target search engines and are looking to build a name that’s suitable for SEO purposes, then you can go for a keyword-based blog name. This will help to increase the visibility of the blog in search results.

For example, if you are writing a travel blog then your keywords can be travel, tourist destinations, traveler, wanderlust, etc.

Brand-based Blog Name

If your blog is all about you and your work like if you are selling some customized products or if you’ve already earned popularity offline and people are quite familiar by your brand or your work then you can go for a domain name that reflects your brand. It can be your own name too.

You can also get a blog name that’s a perfect blend of what you do (that’s a keyword) and who you are (that’s your brand). This way it will be unique as well as easily noticeable.

Things you should keep in mind before finalizing your blog name

Now that you have very well understood how to name your blog, let’s check what all factors you should consider before finalizing the name:

  • Avoid longer domain names. It’s better to keep it short and concise as it’s easy to remember. Make sure the name is not a tongue twister.
  • It should clear the radio test with flying colors which means people should find it easy to spell and it should get etched in their mind instantly when they hear.
  • Avoid using numbers or special characters and if it’s a professional blog, avoid using jargon or slang words.
  • If you are focusing on any particular niche, make sure your blog topics are focused on it or relevant to it. Study your targeted audience, analyse the topics you would choose and then finalize a name that’s most appropriate.
  • Even if you are not focusing on the brand based name, make sure the blog name you choose, even if it’s a keyword-based, it itself becomes brand. It has to be catchy.
  • It’s always wise to stick to basics. Rather than going for fancy domain suffixes like .travel and .recipes, it’s highly recommended to stick to the top-level domain that is .com. It will help your blog to earn more recognition.
  • Avoid falling into legal trouble by choosing any creatives like name, logo that resembles already established domain or brand.

Best Blog Name Generators

To make your job easier, we have listed the best blog name generator tools:

Namelix (

sample travel blog domain names

It’s the most cutting-edge domain name generator tool as it is powered by artificial intelligence. Namelix uses modern AI technology to generate precise branded and notable blog names. It’s best for businesses who want to easily get found on Google search results. Specify your keywords correctly for the best results.

You just have to enter your keywords, select length of name and name style like rhyming words, multiple words, brandable words, etc. Choose the one which you love from the options. Namelix is actually a logo name generator too as you can also select the logo style for your shortlisted blog name and then finally purchase it.

Domain Wheel (

It is a creative and easy to use tool which also makes use of AI to generate unique and short domain names. You will never fall short of catchy names as it gives a wide range of options along with domain name suffix.

Add relevant keywords, click search domain, you will be presented with good options. Remember, there is no limitation in adding keywords, you can add as many keywords as you want to get relevant suggestions. Once you find any suitable choice, simply purchase the name on the spot, without delay. That’s it, easy, isn’t it!

Domain Wheel checks availability by using Bluehost which has already powered over 2 million websites all over the world.

NameBoy (

It is one of the oldest and most popular domain name generator tools. Just like the above two tools, even NameBoy helps you to find a suitable domain name instantly with the help of keywords.

Enter one or two keywords that are relevant to your line of work and submit. You will be presented with a number of options. Even Nameboy’s web hosting provider partner is Bluehost. Once you have made your choice, you can either purchase it instantly or add it to the cart and purchase the registered name later.

This name generator tool itself recommends choosing .com domain name extension as it will be beneficial for any business.

Wordoid (

Wordoid is said to be one of the intelligent domain name generator tools as it lists down only quality domain names that don’t have more than 15 characters. Wordoid also offers language choices like Spanish, German, French and Italian for a more tailor-made domain name.

You just have to enter the keyword and the tool will come up with such catchy options that are simply hard to resist. Some of the suggestions are so unique that you won’t even find those words in the dictionary. One of the biggest benefits of Wordoid is it’s free of charge. You have to sign in either using Google or Facebook.

Panabee (

Whether you want an attention-grabbing name for your blog, website or app, Panabee is your free brainstorming partner that brings up amazing collection. You just have to enter two words that describe your blog and search for options. Not just it shows names combining those two words but it also shows synonyms that widen your search and increase options.

Panabee also checks the name which you pick is already used on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It also offers you quite close alternatives, if the name you wished for is already taken. So you are sure to find a plethora of options influenced by your original idea.

Lean Domain Search (

Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator tool, created by Automattic which is most notably known for building WordPress and WooCommerce. The frustrating process of coming up with a domain name is done in seconds with this tool.

Though it does come up with many creative options like most of the other tools, it is still helpful. You just have to enter the term, based on which you want your domain name created. Like every other name generator tool, it too presents a big list of name opinions. Name can be sorted as per alphabets, length or popularity. You can pick one and register the name either with Bluehost or also register the name and create a site on WordPress.

Lean Domain Search also checks before the availability of the name you selected on Twitter.

Instant Domain Search (

As the name suggests, Instant Domain Search shows instant domain name results as soon as you enter the keywords. You can check the availability of myriads of domain names at one go.

It instantly generates the available domain names without even a second of loading time. You can also search for the domain name on the basis of preferred extensions, combinations, the ones that are available for sale or the ones that are expired which can be renewed and re-registered.

Shopify Name Generator

A site which is well-known for its eCommerce solutions, also helps you find perfect and memorable domain names. Just like many other generators Shopify also generates instant domain names and check for its availability. And yes, all this is done for free.

Enter a keyword, get 100s of domain name options, choose the one that best fits your needs, reserves your brand name with your email ID and get it registered.

Namesmith (

Another free business name creator tool that brainstorms the blog name idea and comes up with tons of options. In this tool, you can enter up to 5 words that are relevant to your business and get domain name suggestions.

Namesmith very intelligently picks your keywords, blends them together to form a new word that’s unique and catchy. It adds prefixes, suffixes or even misspells to make sure the words generated grab attention. However, it also presents names with a combination of exact keywords. You can instantly register the name that you wish to finalize it as your blog name.

Catchy Blog Name Examples

Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Names

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • Style Beyond Imagination
  • Mind Body Swag

Travel Blog Name Ideas

  • Tales of a Lost Traveler
  • An Expat’s Passport
  • Wandering and Wondering

Crafting & DIY Blog Names

  • Love Life Yarn
  • Crafts and Castle
  • Mummy Snowy Owl

Fitness Blog Name Ideas

  • Breaking Muscle
  • Pumping Iron News
  • Epic Sweat and Tears

With these handy domain name generator tools, finding a suitable blog/domain/business name is not at all rocket science. In fact, it’s a funfilled task that eventually helps you get the perfect name for your new endeavour.

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