10 Best Domain Registrars in 2020

Small, static or big, if you are planning to create a website, you require a domain name, for sure. Whether you want to purchase a new domain or transfer your existing domain to a new registrar, you need to choose the right domain registrar to get the job done.

While choosing a domain registrar, you need to consider various factors like your website goals, your budget, your requirements, features you need, etc. and then decide.

A domain name in simple terms means your website name which gives you identity in the world of the internet. It is the name that is entered in the URL.

What is a domain name registrar?

In getting your website recognition, a name, domain registrar play a major role. It is a service that helps you to officially launch your website with a registered name. The name stands out to be unique and no one else can own it. The domain name registered is accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Even your trouble to choose your website name gets solved.

How to choose the right domain registrar?

If you think all domain registrars are legal then you are wrong. There are some domain registrars which do not have the license of selling the domain name extensions. Each domain registrar offers varied services. Some only sell domain names that are country-specific which includes domain extensions like .io, .in,.ly, etc. while some also offer cheap domains or free add ons.

While choosing for the domain registrar do keep in mind the three important factors:

Add-on pricing – You need to pay attention if the domain registrar is asking for add-on pricing. If you don’t require this service, it is better to avoid it.

Check online reviews – Just because a website is easy to use, doesn’t mean it offers a good user experience. Sometimes the domain registrar sites make it complicated to transfer the domain name settings. Hence it is wise to look for online customer reviews. Most of the customers who use this service leave reviews. Consider them before choosing any service.

Hidden fees – You might get attracted to the cheapest priced domain registrar service but later to your realization, you are being charged an additional amount. Be aware of such hidden costs before opting for any domain registrar service.

Best domain registrars

To make your job easy, we have curated some best domain registrars. Pick the one that rightly suits you:


Founded in the year 2000, domain.com is a company that is popularly known for offering services like domain names, VPS hosting, web hosting, SSL certificates, digital marketing, web designing and more.

By opting for its domain registrar service, you will receive a free domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited disk space, marketing tools and also eCommerce solutions. Whichever hosting plan you choose, you are assured with this package of benefits. If you are looking for the domain name without web hosting, then domain.com is the best choice.


This too was found in 2000 and is accredited by ICANN. Along with domain registration, Namecheap.com offers services like app integration, email marketing, SSL certificate, domain transfer and more. It is also known for providing web hosting.

Apart from .com extension domains, this company provides top-notch domains with an extension like .info, .online, .xyz, .club etc. at an affordable price. One of the best features of Namecheap.com is it provides domain privacy for free for all domain names.


Now, this is a quite popular and oldest name in the domain name registrar companies, godaddy.com is highly competitive and powerful. Apart from domain registration, it offers domain transfer, domain value approval, web hosting, digital marketing tools, web security and more.

With GoDaddy, it is very easy to transfer the domain name and also make changes in its settings.


Founded in 2003, Name.com will help your site get online effortlessly. You can register the domain name as well as set up your website.

Some of the key features of name.com are domain transfer, website builder, email marketing, web hosting, SSL certificate and more. You can find perfect and create a domain name and also by transferring to name.com, you can extend your domain registration by 1 year.


The name says it all, Bluehost primarily provides a web hosting service but it is also known for domain registrar work. It is one of the biggest SaaS providers. It has powered over 2 million websites around the globe, so without a doubt, it is the most trusted brand.

With each hosting package, you get one domain for free. Not just for domain name registration, if you are planning to create a complete website, Bluehost is the best.


Founded in 2002, just like Bluehost, even Hostgator is primarily known for its web hosting service. From free SSL certificates to easy WordPress installs and the highlighting feature free domain for a year, everything makes this service provider a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

For every domain extension, the domain name cost is different. The site helps you to easily find out a domain name that is simple, brandable and easy to remember. Apart from domain registration, it also offers domain locking, domain renewal, and domain privacy protection.


As compared to other domain registration companies, Domains.google is the new kid on the block proudly launched by Google. The cost of domain registration even with .com extension is quite easy on pockets.

With domain registration, you will be benefited with a G suite custom email, customization sub-domains, email forwarding, easy integration and also privacy protection without any additional cost. However, privacy protection will not be available for domain extensions like .co.nz and .co.uk.


It’s almost 25 years now, Dreamhost has been providing web hosting service and also is popular for its domain registration. It offers a free domain name with privacy protection. With Dreamhost, you can even register a domain name without purchasing the hosting. You also get an SSL certificate with the free domain name. The only drawback of Dreamhost is it offers limited live chat support.


It is one premier domain name registration service that helps small businesses, professionals, and individuals to mark their presence online. You can register the domain name of your choice and instantly get online. It offers a wide range of domain extensions like .com, .in, .org, .name and much more.

With every domain, you’ll get 2 email accounts, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, and DNS management. Bigrock already powers over 6 million domains.


Founded long back in 1988, 1&1 is the oldest domain registration service. If you want to register the domain name at a great price then 1&1 is the best choice.

Along with domain registrar, this company offers various other features like domain transfer, web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, online store builder, email management and much more. The web hosting service offered by 1&1 is quite affordable as compared to other service providers.

All set to launch your website? Get started by choosing a domain registrar from the above list that best suits your needs. All the best.

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