8 Strong Reasons – Why You Should Start a Blog in College

So you are a college student? Guess, this is the right time to start with your blogging passion. You get enough leisure time and if you use it productively in living your passion it will also eventually help you to shape your future career better.

When you start blogging, it is not just restricted to writing. It is a learning process of improving your skills. If you wish to start your writing career as soon as you get out of college, simply utilize your time effectively and start blogging.

Here are some strong reasons why you should start blogging right from your college days:

Builds your confidence

There are over 100 million blogs that include professionals, non-professionals, part-time, full-time, hobbyists. The blog has grown unimaginably but this is one kind of profession or passion where you can constantly improve your skills. You become more and more confident as often you write. And frankly speaking, there is no competition as such, it all depends on your own level of creativity.

So, finally, if you understand that you are your own competition, you are likely to develop more confidence. If you start writing during your college days, surely till the time you kick off your career as a blogger, you will be a confident blogger.

Strengthens your knowledge

Writing involves a lot of research and learning. Your brain never remains an empty space, you keep on filling it with information. You keep on gaining knowledge that comes into practice while writing.

No matter what is your subject, you will be solidifying your knowledge. And some subjects are interconnected so in such scenarios to write on a particular topic, you keep on learning so many things that you end up becoming expertise that too without stress. Gaining knowledge becomes much more fun and easier.

Upgrade with technical skills

As we said before, blogging is not just restricted to writing. At least some technical skills are required to start your own blog. For example, if you have decided to post your article yourself then certainly you might have to know the basics of HTML, WordPress, any knowledge of Content Management System (CMS). Even if you wish to design or change the design of your blog, learning CSS becomes necessary.

In fact, upgrading yourself with technical skills will also make your resume strong. Technical skills like HTML, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator can help you in the long run while pursuing your career. Early learning of technical skills will improve your proficiency.

Make your resume stand out

Right from your first job application if you have a strong resume showing your expertise, you will certainly stand out of the rest and will have good chances of getting a job. Prior blogging serves as job experience which creates a positive impact on the interviewer.

Don’t just mention “writing” under the skill section. Mention blogging, also about your technical skills. If you have your blog or have already written articles for different sites, also include the links of it on your resume. This will surely create a good impression.

Enhanced writing skills

As we all know, “Practice makes a man perfect”, the more you write, the more you will develop your writing skills. No matter, how well-versed you are in English, grammar is something that might be confusing. However, if you write frequently, it will help in improving all aspects of writing.

When you start writing during your college days, pay more attention to grammar and spellings, creativity will improve simultaneously. Again, the more you write, the more your creativity will grow. So, in short, with improved language and improved creativity, you can eventually become a better writer.

Build your network

As soon as you start writing and publishing posts, you might come across some amazing people who may help you further in your blogging carrier. From web designers to entrepreneurs, photographers to like-minded bloggers, every person you meet can expand your network.

Some creative people can be really amazing, they can help you with building you and can also turn out to be good friends.

Understand business

For every blogger, the subject is really significant. While choosing your niche or topic, you can learn about the business a lot. And not only others’ business, but you also get to know more about your business.

When you start blogging as your career, it becomes really tough to learn about other related subjects that would help you in becoming a proficient blogger, especially if you are planning to start a blog of your own or freelancing. Only writing is not important, your blog needs to reach the target audience, you need to increase your blog followers and also engage them. Since during your college days, you are paying more attention to the learning process, you can pay focus on business skills like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, branding, copywriting, data analysis, networking which can help you in writing professionally, searchable and attention-grabbing blogs.

Make money, like serious money

Blogging is one hobby that can get you mint money from a very young age. Yes, not just pocket-money, you can also earn almost a month’s salary. If you decided to start your own blog or write for other blogs like ghostwriting or guest blogging, you can get paid per article.

You might not earn much in the beginning but sure that earning counts. It also builds a recognition that can later help you in building a serious career as a blogger. Making money out of your passion is not at all bad, after all, you’ve spent so much time, and effort in creating an article. But don’t make earning money your priority. Not earning but learning is important. It is the phase where learning has to be your priority, rest all comes later.

Starting a blog on WordPress is always a good idea. It’s easy, free, and helps you in creating professional-looking blogs. There are several tutorials available online, you can learn yourself and start blogging. However, free blogs come with limitations. If you are thinking of a self-hosting blog, you may have to pay for hosting but eventually, it will be your self-owned blog.

So, if you have a passion for writing, start blogging immediately, this will lead to a great career. All the best!

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