11 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins to Increase User Engagement [2020]

Nothing is quite engaging and actionable than a quiz. If you are serious about improving your online business or website performance, then surely think about it.

It’s hard to believe but absolutely true that a company just spent a couple of days creating an interactive online quiz and surprisingly managed to gain 1 million in revenue. A remarkable result, isn’t it?

We do not guarantee that everybody integrating quiz on their website will be benefited from such colossal reward but yes we do assure that quiz can really impress your audience and help in increasing your user engagement. So, ultimately you are benefited from increased traffic and leads. Well, incorporating the quiz element is not that complex process. You can effortlessly create quizzes with WordPress quiz plugins.

Why do you need a WordPress Quiz Plugin?

Who wouldn’t love easy installation and implementation? WordPress quiz plugins are exactly designed to meet your needs. They are easy to install and implement. They help you add an element of fun and curiosity to your website. They offer unlimited modules and premium features. Some of the plugins also provide useful features like hints for users that compels them to take up the quiz. And not to forget they are super cheap, in fact, most of the WordPress plugins are also available for free.

There is a great line up of readymade quiz plugins available, however, we’ve listed the best ones which you can choose as per your preference and integrate on your website. Each plugin details are mentioned below which clarifies why choosing WordPress Quiz Plugin is a good move.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Here are the best WordPress quiz plugins to increase user engagement on your site or blog.

  1. Thrive Quiz Builder
  2. LearnDash Quiz
  3. WP Quiz Pro
  4. Interact Quiz Builder
  5. Quiz And Survey Master
  6. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder
  7. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage
  8. Quiz Cat
  9. Watu Quiz
  10. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On
  11. Forminator Payment, Quiz and Contact Form Plugin

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins to Increase User Engagement

Thrive Quiz Builder

Demo + Download

It’s an amazing quiz builder that helps to create even complicated quiz sections very easily. You don’t even need coding knowledge or photoshop to use Thrive Quiz Builder.

With this plugin, you can exactly create a quiz like the way you want. You can create questions using text or images, the setup wizard will guide with the entire process and if any mistake takes place, don’t worry the troubleshooter will stop you.

The quiz looks completely professional and cool with an inbuilt badge creator. You can create an interactive quiz based on your audience interest and question type can be any either question with multiple choices, questions with multiple-choice images, open-end questions, or a combination of all 3.

The quiz looks flawless on every screen size. Build the most amazing and engaging quiz at the lowest possible price.

Features of Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin

  • Create extremely complex quizzes with branching logic.
  • Build branching quizzes, ask different questions based on previous answer.
  • Create text or image questions.
  • Create multiple opt-in offers, segment subscribers based on opt-in
  • Increase quiz conversions with A/B split testing
  • 4 Quiz Types – Number, Percentage, Personality, Right/Wrong
  • Powerful analytics to track across time, quiz flow, social sharing stats, user stats, individual question stats and start vs finishing stats.
  • Quiz template optimised for engagement.
  • Quiz template optimised for building email list.
  • Quiz template optimised for social shares.
  • Quiz template optimised to gain insights about existing customers.

LearnDash Quiz

Learndash Quiz

Demo + Download

Quick creation, quick delivery, and quick post-quiz results with LearnDash quiz plugin everything gets done in a jiffy. You can create question banks as per categories, add media, add time limits, hints, and everything that makes the quiz interesting and playable.

Also, the post quiz features are amazing. This plugin offers awards and certificates, leaderboard displays, quiz reviews, answer statistics, email results, and much more. LearnDash quiz builder offers 8 question types – Single choice, multiple-choice, sorting, free text, essay, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and also survey.

This premium WordPress plugin works with most of the WordPress themes and is available from basic to pro pricing package.

WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro

Demo + Download

This is said to be one of the most powerful and number 1 WordPress quiz plugin. The quiz offered by WP Quiz Pro is responsive, optimized, and SEO ready. You can create an interactive, viral quiz that easily gets shared.

If you are comfortable with coding then there are endless advanced options available that will help to build a more engaging question section. With WP Quiz Pro, you can create trivia quiz type, personality quiz type, swiper quiz type, Facebook quiz type, flip quiz type, and list quiz type. The easy to use interface and fully responsive nature makes this one of the most preferred question plugins.

What makes this quiz plugin more appealing is that it works with all WordPress themes. Along with affordable price packages, this plugin is also available for free.

Interact Quiz Builder

Interact Quiz Builder

Demo + Download

With over 800 ready to use beautiful free quiz templates you are sure to engage the audience. Interact Quiz Builder helps you to create that exactly matches your brand and proves to be effective in your type of business.

You can create 3 types of quiz using this plugin personality quiz, an assessment quiz, and scored quiz blending your brand. The drag and drop feature makes it easier to create the quiz. You can embed the quiz on your website or even promote it as a Facebook ad.

Quiz And Survey Master

Demo + Download

An amazing quiz plugin that is fully functional and packed with features. And not just quiz with Quiz and Survey Master you can also easily create the essential surveys.

The different question types offered by this plugin are multiple-choice with radio buttons, open answer questions, true or false, multiple response questions with checkboxes, drop-down question type, number choice, fill in the blank, accept question type and captcha. This plugin also provides multiple result pages for every quiz which you can customize as per your requirement.

Apart from the general features, other exceptional features presented by Quiz and Survey Master are total entry limit, quiz scheduling, comment box, math formula display box, and much more.

WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Wordpress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Demo | Download

WordPress Viral Quiz is acclaimed to be the number one selling plugin on Codecanyon. Currently, this plugin offers 2 types of quiz trivia quiz and personality quiz.

Whether you wish to play on mobile or desktop, you can conveniently play and enjoy a seamless experience across all devices. You can get access to millions of emails as you can send the result on their email address. This way you use the quiz as your marketing tool. You can also compel the players to share their results on their social media pages which are again great for marketing.

Some awesome features offered by WordPress Viral Quiz are customizable options, reactive support, multilingual option, and attractive UX.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Demo + Download

It’s a popular quiz maker plugin offered by WordPress which apart from quiz also helps in creating polls, surveys, and forms easily.

There are hundreds of templates available which will turn the quiz making process super fast. It also offers a good number of integrations which include native integrations, API, and webhook integration.

You can even change the look and feel of the quiz by using colors, fonts, and styles that exactly matches your brand. One of the major advantages of this plugin is that you can add a notable call to action button after every quiz or survey.

Quiz Cat

Demo + Download

FatCat App presents Quiz Cat WordPress plugin which claims to build viral quizzes. With this plugin, you are sure to amplify your list of email subscribers as the quiz compels the user to get their results only on their email address. The quiz is presented so incredibly that the users easily agree to submit their email IDs.

The personality quiz is simply magical and guarantees to increase your social shares. With this plugin, you can also track the activity of your users and their results.

From personal to elite pricing packages are available and by any chance, if you are not satisfied by this plugin, you are also guaranteed with a 60-day money-back.

Watu Quiz

Demo + Download

Create an online quiz or exam, let the users play and display results instantly, this is what the Watu quiz plugin does. This plugin is mobile-friendly and offers tons of noticeable features.

Quiz results loaded using Ajax, Facebook sharing, grade system, Mailchimp connect, responsive, exporting results to CSV file, importing questions from CSV file, randomize questions are some of the noteworthy features of Watu quiz plugin.

The plugin helps to create different quiz types like single choice questions, multiple-choice questions, and open-end questions. You can use shortcodes to embed your created quiz on any web, social media page or post.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress version 3.3 or higher than that.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

Demo + Download

They are smartly designed quiz add on forms that automatically generate quiz results in the form of grades or scores when the form gets submitted. Gravity form is an elite add-on which is available with an only valid elite license.

You can easily and seamlessly integrate quiz on any Gravity form add on. You just have to add a quiz field on the form and arrange it with the help of available quiz settings. The fun and interactive quizzes created by this form increase interaction and user engagement.

You can set custom scores type for each quiz and also can create custom quiz grading as per your preference.

Gravity form add on is suitable for WordPress version 3.5 and above.

Forminator Payment, Quiz and Contact Form Plugin

Demo + Download

Last but certainly not least, Forminator is quite an interesting WordPress quiz plugin that’s completely expandable and for your benefit, completely FREE.

It’s a drag and drop plugin which helps in quick set up and building a quiz, forms, surveys, calculations, and polls. You can add as many fields as you want with dynamic options. With this plugin, you can create no wrong answer types of quizzes and also deliver real-time results.

Forminator is compatible with WordPress version 4.6 and higher.

Do you know other quiz plugins that can increase user engagement? You can feel free to suggest.

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