Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for 2020

Join an affiliate program and maximize your potential of earning by getting a really high commission.

Okay, now what if you get a recurring commission?

It sounds even better and highly profitable, isn’t it?

Yes, with recurring affiliate marketing, you don’t earn just once but repeatedly. The more leads, the more you will get paid monthly, annually or even lifetime.

Even the thought of earning income while you are away, enjoying an extravagant vacation makes you feel on top of the world. Right? But this can be true!!! A recurring affiliate program is the potential gold mine that can help you earn passive income.

Let’s understand more clearly:

What is a recurring affiliate program?

Recurring affiliate commission and one-time affiliate commission are not that different. The only and the major difference between the two is the commission payment.

In a one-time affiliate program, you get paid for every sale made by clicking the affiliate link. The recurring payout can be low as compared to the higher commission acquired by the one-time affiliate program.

In the case of recurring commission, you get the payment as long as the referred user continue to use your service. However, the commission rate can be decreased and even the conversion periods can be reduced.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

It’s because of them you can yield income even for a lifetime. Here is the list of some highly profitable affiliate programs who offer recurring commission:

Affiliate ProgramTypeCommissionSign Up
ShopifyOnline Store Builder20%Join Now
SEMRushSEO & SEM Tool40%Join Now
BillbooksOnline Invoicing50%Join Now
LivechatLive Chat Support20%Join Now
Elegant ThemesWordPress Themes50%Join Now
AweberEmail Marketing30%Join Now
CallHippoVirtual Phone System20%Join Now
KinstaWeb Hosting10%Join Now
LongTailProKeyword Research Tool30%Join Now
Beaver BuilderWordPress Page Builder25%Join Now
GetResponseEmail Marketing33%Join Now
LeadPagesLanding Page Builder30%Join Now
ConvertKitEmail Marketing30%Join Now
ThriveThemesWordPress Themes/Plugins25%Join Now

Here is the list of best recurring affiliate programs for making money in 2020


Shopify, a prominent eCommerce platform enables businesses to sell online, on social media or at any local store. It helps to create a store, sell products, accept payments, ship products and also offer an affiliate program. This all-in-one commerce platform claims to provide industry-leading commission for affiliate programs.

Partner with Shopify and almost earn around 20% of commission per sale from your referral. Entrepreneurs, content creators, bloggers, influencers, educators can be Shopify affiliates.

  • 20% commission, average earning $58 for each paid sign up
  • Earn $2000 for each Shopify Plus referral
  • Payouts through Paypal in USD
  • Free to join, no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements
  • A 30-day tracking cookie.


SEMRush is an all-in-one powerful digital marketing toolkit. It offers SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing solutions.

With the SEMrush affiliate program, you can earn a recurring commission of up to 40%, every month which is quite lucrative. In fact, you can even earn commission twice a month after reaching a minimum threshold limit through payment modes like Wire Transfer or PayPal. Educational resources, bloggers, webmasters, paid search experts or any digital agency can be an affiliate. For a passive income, advertise SEMrush through the BeRush.

  • 40% commission
  • A minimum threshold of $50
  • Payouts through Paypal and Wire Transfer in USD


Billbooks is a well-known software for creating online invoices and estimates in less than 60 seconds. Right from startups, small businesses to freelancers, full fledged enterprises can use this handy and user friendly invoicing software.

By becoming an affiliate partner of BillBooks, you get a chance to earn a flat 50% commission for the first year and second year onwards, you can earn a 25% commission for every referral. You can get a recurring commission for 5 years.

  • 50% commission for 1st year
  • 25% commission second year onwards
  • Earn up to $14.97 per referred customer per month.
  • 120 days of cookies
  • Payouts through Paypal


LiveChat is a live chat support software that offers the best and real-time customer experience. This enhanced customer support software offers a recurring affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% recurring commission for every referred customer.

Become a LiveChat affiliate partner and take advantage of passive income. Users of this software continue services for a long time, so affiliates can really be benefited from each referred user. Social media influencers, website owners, content writers, bloggers, marketers can all become affiliates and make money.

  • 20% commission.
  • Earn up to $4.5 per referred customer.
  • 120 days of cookies.

Elegant Themes

As the name suggests, Elegant Themes offer a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins. These themes are backed with great functionality and support.

Join Elegant Theme’s affiliate program, promote its awesome themes and earn good money. You can earn up to 50% commission and that’s possibly one of the highest commission offered by any recurring affiliate program. The payment method used is PayPal. You will earn for every sale you send their way.

  • 50% commission
  • Commission on subscription renewals


AWeber is one of the oldest and the most popular email marketing tool that is particularly used by small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

Now for affiliate marketers, it is a win-win situation if they join the AWeber affiliate program as they earn a 30% recurring commission for every referred customer. Not just for initial sale but this lucrative commission can be earned lifetime. The only drawback is that AWeber still offers the old style cheque system payment method.

  • 30% commission


CallHippo is a cloud-based powerful virtual phone system provider that helps in getting a local number and toll-free numbers instantly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Become an affiliate for CallHippo, sell their products and earn recurring commission of 20%. You just have to promote their referral link and grab the opportunity to earn passive income. You can earn this revenue share for life.

  • 20% commission
  • A minimum threshold of $50


Kinsta offers premium WordPress hosting efficiently managed for small as well as large enterprises. It completely takes care of all the website needs.

Kinsta claims to offer an industry-leading affiliate deal. Join their recurring affiliate and earn a 10% commission on a monthly basis. Partnering Kinsta will assure you a profit share every year for a lifetime until the customers continue to renew. You can earn unlimited passive income.

  • 10% commission
  • 60 days cookies
  • Payouts through Paypal


LongTailPro offers long-tail keywords for the high converting online traffic. All the keywords make sure to gain effective and profitable results.

Become an affiliate today, promote the tool and get a 30% commission for each sale for their monthly and yearly plans. LongTailPro offers you text links, banners, landing pages for a promotion. You need to use your Affiliate ID to receive the commission appropriately.

  • 30% commission

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a beautiful WordPress page builder plugin that helps to create responsive web pages in a jiffy with simple drag and drop technique. It works on the front end of the WordPress site.

Enjoy 25% of commission, along with annual renewals by joining the Beaver Builder affiliate program. You just have to use their tool for promotion. Beaver Builder also gives you textual links and attractive banners which makes the promotion more convenient. As soon as you bring the customers, they’ll pay you out.

  • 25% commission


Like AWeber, even GetResponse is also a popular email marketing tool that enables us to send email newsletters, online surveys, and email campaigns. It is actually a great competitor to AWeber and is a good tool for promoting.

What makes GetResponse unique from AWeber is the commission offered for the Affiliate program. It offers 33% commission for every referral and that’s for a lifetime. GetResponse also has a real-time referral tracking facility which will help you to track your results.

  • 33% commission


LeadPages is one of the best tools for internet marketers as it helps to create landing pages instantly and get it added on platforms like WordPress or Drupal without much effort. This tool also aids in generating new leads with automated email marketing.

With the Leadpage affiliate program, get a 30% commission for every referral. You’ll continue to earn until your referral continues with LeadPages services. Even when the referral renews or upgrades their plan, you will continue to earn.

  • 30% commission
  • 30 days cookies


This is again an email marketing tool that is popular among bloggers and content creators. It offers all the automation required for blogging. ConvertKit also captures and manages leads.

For every creator you send to ConvertKit, you earn a 30% commission through their affiliate program. You just need to share their custom links on the noticeable and right places. And be a successful affiliate who earns passive income as long as your referral’s ConvertKit account remains active.

  • 30% commission


ThriveThemes is a powerful theme plugin that can transform into the money-making aspect of your website. It offers a wide range of WordPress themes that surely can boost conversions.

Be ThriveThemes’ affiliate partner and earn huge commissions. For every purchase made, you get 35% of commission plus 25% recurring commission. The recurring commission will be paid each year for every yearly renewal. ThriveThemes application process is quite different from others as it puts up a little quiz to accept you as an affiliate partner.

  • 35% commission per purchase + 25% recurring commission
  • Payment threshold 20 USD
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Get paid on net 30 days basis
  • 2 years of cookie duration

How to promote affiliate programs

Now that you have decided to embark on affiliate marketing, it is better to know the trick of how to promote the affiliate programs. We have listed some time-tested strategies for promoting affiliate programs and generating a steady income.

1. How-to videos and tutorials

One of the most effective ways to promote the affiliate program is by creating how-to videos and tutorials and posting it on any social media channels like YouTube. Such videos give a detailed overview to the clients about the product or service and build more engagement. More than written manuals, people prefer tutorial videos, a demo for clear understanding.

If the video is educating and compelling enough, you can certainly benefit. In case, if you don’t know how to create a video, you can hire an expert.

2. Blog posts

If you are a blogger and have written some blog topics related to affiliate then naturally, the blog is the best platform to promote the affiliate program. You can easily incorporate it into any of your existing blog posts, especially the one that is driving high traffic.

You can also create new content that is related to the product or service you are promoting or even a tutorial will work in your favor. A solid blog post can surely attract and reach more potential customers.

3. Product/Service review

So you have already used the product/service and know its plus points? Then why not write an honest review and share it with the target audience? Posting a product or service review is a better way to make potential customers better know the product.

Candid and transparent reviews always attract the audience who are eager to instantly invest in a certain product or service.

4. Case studies

Just like reviews, even case studies are powerful in attracting instant customers. An in-depth case study or a compelling story of the affiliate product or service that is also informative is one of the fastest ways to convince people to invest in a product or service. Along with content, you can also post videos and images to make the case study more compelling.

5. Resources page

If you are successful, naturally people would be interested in knowing your secret of success. You can incorporate a resources page on your website and share the list of tools you use that’s helping you in your business growth. You can include the affiliate links that you are promoting on the resources page and recommend the visitors. You can post several products and services, out of which there can be many affiliate links too.

6. Online course

The product or service you are promoting can be very helpful and money-making but if it is complex or quite technical then potential customers might feel reluctant to subscribe or invest in it. In such situations, the online course serves as a great technique to promote the affiliate program.

You can organize a free online course to make the target audience familiar and understand the product or service much better. Explain to them how to use it and be prepared to answer all their queries.

7. As part of your services

If you are into some business or belong to certain niche say SEO but do not offer particular service under that niche then you consider promoting the affiliate programs as potential add-ons. You can suggest it as an add-on service to your client and indirectly earn a commission from the affiliate program. It is a total win-win situation.

8. Email funnels

Consider incorporating your affiliate product or service in your emails or newsletters which you send on a regular basis to your subscribers. Make sure it fits in your email strategy for better results.

9. Email signature

If you are considering emails then not just in email funnels, you can include your best affiliate product link in your email signature too. It gets easily noticed and you can shorten the link to make it look clean.

10. Exclusive deals

Providing bonus offers, better deals can help you beat the competition and attract more prospects. If you have a good relationship with the affiliate program provider, you can negotiate and come up with some exclusive deals that can encourage more sales. This can also improve the trust factor between you and your client.

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing affiliate programs. There are countless choices. If there is an affiliate program that you think should be added to our best recurring affiliate programs list, let us know.

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