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Disable WordPress RSS feed: step-by-step guide

By default, WordPress Generate various RSS feeds such as It also generates RSS feeds of your blog posts, pages, categories, comments, etc. Disabling these RSS feeds is a good idea for security and performance enhancement. In this quick guide, we…

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Shortcode in a Template

WordPress shortcodes are a way to insert content into your WordPress site that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do. These shortcodes can be used for a variety of things, such as inserting the latest tweets from your Twitter…

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11 Useful htaccess Snippet Codes for the WordPress Sites

A well-configured .htaccess help to increase the security of your WordPress site. Apart from security you can handle redirects and WordPress speed optimization tasks like managing cache and gzip with it. The Most common use of .htaccess file to alter…

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How to Search only Posts or Pages in WordPress

The WordPress default search function displays posts and pages in search results. This works for most WordPress users. In certain conditions, you want to omit posts or pages from search results. For example, a blogger wants to search posts only…

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How to Change The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress

Most of the themes in WordPress show excerpts on archive pages like category and tags. By default, the excerpt length is 55 words in WordPress.  We can change this default length using WordPress built-in filter named ‘excerpt_length’. This will allow…