Best Way to Uninstall W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

W3 Total cache is one of the most recommended plugins for WordPress. We also recommend it to our readers to increase WordPress website speed.

We always encourage our readers to install W3 Total Cache plugin if their website is getting lots of traffic. Even corporate website owners can also use it to speed up website loading.  It is a better caching plugin then others available to date.

At times due to misconfiguration or compatibility issues with your hosting server or other plugins you need to uninstall it.

The Most common issues are like your blog redirects to install.php or individual pages gives 404 error.

If you don’t want to use the W3 Total Cache plugin any more or you want to fix any of the above problems we discussed earlier, a possible solution is to uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Uninstall W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

Here we are giving very easy and self-tested steps to remove W3 Total Cache plugin manually.

  1. Backup your WordPress database.
  2. Enter W3TC’s General Settings Panel. In the general settings disable the following options.
    1. Disable All Caching (Page Cache, Database Cache, Object Cache, and Browser Cache)
    2. Disable Preview Mode
    3. Disable Minify
    4. Disable CDN
  3. Deactivate the W3 Total Cache Plugin.
  4. Delete the W3 Total Cache plugin.
  5. Delete the ‘w3tc’ folder from the wp-component folder.
  6. Remove this line from Wp-config file (define(‘WP_CACHE’, true) )
  7. Check .htaccess file and if you see any code added by w3 total cache plugin, remove it.

W3 Total Cache Alternative

You always need a caching plugin for better performance of your WordPress site. Caching not only improves website speed, but it also improves overall user experience. It helps in search engine optimization and lowers time to the first byte. Your server also uses few resources if you use a caching plugin.

If you have uninstalled W3 Total Cache, you would need a W3TC alternative. Here are the best W3 Total Chace alternatives for your WordPress site.

I hope this guide helped you to uninstall the W3 Total Cache plugin from your WordPress site.

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