10 Best “Gutenberg Blocks” Plugins for WordPress (2019)

Have you explored the new WordPress editor – ‘Gutenberg’?

Well, if you must have encountered, I am sure you can not deny that you loved it. And if you are still exploring its features then let me tell you, this WordPress editor has some really amazing plugins that will enhance your complete editing experience.

Right from creating pages and posts to styling them, everything is effortless and polished. If we take a deep dive into this WordPress editor then we can find block plugins that will help you create a more engaging and better blog.

So here we have curated for you the 10 best WordPress block plugins for Gutenberg.

1. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Undeniably it is the best and most popular blocks plugin of Gutenberg built by the Brainstorm Force team. This plugin strives to make blog/website creation hassle-free. You can effortlessly build pages without writing a single line of code with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

It is completely user-friendly and has around 17 blocks which include notable ones like Call to action, content timeline, testimonials, team block, price list, advanced heading and Google map. What makes this plugin more popular, is its speed. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg improves website performance by making the pages faster to load. This plugin is available for free. What more you can ask for?

2. Kadence Blocks

Kadence blocks can be stated as the most different plugin as compared to others as you can use this plugin to create improved layouts and buttons. There is no need for depending on page builders to design custom layouts with Kadence blocks. You can easily launch any project, create mobile-friendly designs and use the best typography with the help of font setting controls.

This plugin offers advanced blocks like advanced heading, advanced buttons, row layouts, icons, tabs, and spacer. Kadence blocks also offer a prebuilt library that accelerates the development process as it quickly imports the features that are already predesigned. Even this Gutenberg plugin is available for free.

3. CoBlocks

If you want to experience the true power of page builder then CoBlocks plugin for Gutenberg is what you need to go for. Great blocks blended with customization features, CoBlocks is everything you need to craft stunning web pages.

CoBlocks plugin offers 11 amazing blocks which include accordion, click to tweet, pricing list, Gif, social sharing, Github gist, author profile, highlight, alert and dynamic separator. This plugin also offers typography controls with the help of which you can customize the fonts by setting the font style of your choice or even change the size and weight of the font as per your web page design requirement.

4. Stackable

Stackable is said to be one of the initial adopters of the Gutenberg plugin. The powerful and flexible plugin offers ready-to-use block which helps in creating beautiful websites in just a few clicks. Over 10,000 websites are already using this popular Gutenberg block plugin.

This plugin provides more than 24 useful blocks, comprising container block, video pop up, testimonial, Call to action, feature grid, team member, separator, accordion, feature grid, pricing box, icon list, counter, notification, number block and the list goes on. Stackable is available for free and there’s also a premium version of this plugin that offers more additional blocks of Gutenberg editor.

5. Otter

Otter is another robust plugin of Gutenberg that helps in building an attractive web page at ease. As compared to other plugins of Gutenberg, Otter is considered to be lightweight and flexible as it comes with more than a dozen content blocks and also it already has ready-to-use templates that can be used in the block editor.

Some of the WordPress blocks included in Otter plugin are section block, about the author, Google map, testimonials, and pricing table. You can easily insert any template using the section block. Otter plugin is built by the well-known WordPress themes company and is available for free.

6. Atomic Blocks

Just like Stackable, even Atomic blocks is the earliest adopter of Gutenberg. It boasts a great variety of page building blocks that helps in building any type of website quickly and without any hassle.

Atomic blocks plugin library comprise of simple yet elegant blocks. Currently, this plugin offers around 13 blocks which include section and layout block, newsletter block, container, Call-to-action, testimonial, inline notice, author, accordion, spacer and divider, drop cap, customizable button pricing, and share icons. Atomic blocks support a wide alignment style which helps to spread the content on the full width of the web page. This plugin has great potential to develop any type of website.

7. WooCommerce Blocks

It is one of the most flexible WordPress plugins for Gutenberg that helps in displaying products more attractively on posts and web pages. It is really beneficial plugin for eCommerce websites. WooCommerce presents 7 blocks to Gutenberg which include featured product, featured category block, hand-picked Products, top-rated products, best selling products, on sale products and newest products.

Each block can add a filter or sort option. This plugin comes with sample data which makes your products block building process smooth sailing. As compared to all other WooCommerce blocks, featured product block has the most customization options. If you are looking for clean and professional-looking product page, this plugin is a good choice.

8. TinyMCE Advanced

The old classic editor is now enhanced for the new Gutenberg editor. It is now available for the content creators with more formatting and styling options. You can effortlessly create and control page and posts with TinyMCE Advanced blocks.

Some of the notable features of this plugin are – advanced table settings, clean and clear button formatting, in-block text modifying like making text bold, italic or add a link, import customized CSS, etc. You can also change the tools which you see in the Toolbar with this plugin. Using TinyMCE Advanced is super simple, even if you are at the beginner level, you can manage your page easily.

9. Advanced Gutenberg

As the name suggests, the blocks and configuration that was missing in the Gutenberg are available in advanced Gutenberg. There is a bundle of blocks (over 20 blocks) that help in creating professional webpages much handily.

Advanced Gutenberg built by JoomUnited have added blocks which comprise of the counter block, map block, column manager, tabs bock, contact form block, advanced list block, WordPress login block, and WordPress register block and there are some more blocks which helps you to take control and build professional web pages. With advanced Gutenberg, you can also create edition profiles and appoint users to that particular profile.

10. Block Gallery

Block Gallery is an acquisition of GoDaddy which focuses on creating photo galleries that enhance the blog post or page. Especially, photographers and artists would love this block plugin as it helps them to show their creative work more beautifully.

You can display photo galleries by using dedicated blocks for full screen stacked galleries, carousel slider, and masonry gallery. You can instantly add images and switch between any gallery till you find the perfect one. The gallery is fully responsive and looks seamless on any device screen of any size. Drag, drop and add style, that’s it your stunning photo gallery is ready.

This article will hopefully help you to find the best and suitable Gutenberg blocks for your website.

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