10 Best Apps for Freelancers in 2020

Freelancing is not just a trend, it’s now a profitable career!

In fact, freelancers are expected to make up the majority of the workforce by 2027.

According to the latest study, working from home raises productivity by 13%. Flexible work environment, better work-life balance, increased concentration and most importantly the feeling of freedom from 9 to 5 jobs, all together improves the performance of the independent professionals.

Freelancing is undoubtedly a one-man show, that means with this power comes responsibilities. No matter what’s your freelancing profession, project management, time management, productivity, accounting are few responsibilities towards which you can’t turn a blind eye.

As the business grows, juggling diverse duties become almost impossible.

So what can be the solution?

The Collaborative effort might help you!

Don’t worry, you can continue to enjoy your freedom plus share some responsibilities by collaborating with the most commendable apps for freelancers.

Best Apps for Freelancers Quick List

Here are some of the best apps for freelancers listed that will offer you a helping hand and ensure you taste the sweet fruit of success:

Best Apps for Freelancer for Productivity and Freelance Business Growth

Gmail and Google Apps

One tool with multiple features to make you more efficient freelancer.

You’ve been using this on a daily basis but probably never looked upon as an app that would effortlessly enhance your freelancing career. Yes, Gmail and Google apps are something that is already available across various devices and we do have access too.

You can check your emails, sort them, create a to-do list with your Gmail app while Google Drive has some fantastic collaborative features like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation, etc. Everything you do is saved on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with just an internet connection. Google also offers a communication feature – Google Hangouts for chats and video conference calls.

Billbooks – invoicing app

Create professional-looking invoices and get paid by your clients faster.

Billbooks App

How much time do you spend on manual invoicing? Actually, you are wasting much of your productive time. You’ll hardly require less than 60 seconds to generate an invoice with Billbooks. Freelancers who jumble with the number game can surely benefit from this app.

It’s an online invoicing software with powerful features that automates your financial tasks like creating estimates and invoices, setting auto-reminders, scheduling recurring invoices, calculating discounts and taxes, charging late fees, generating reports and much more. The software also integrates online payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe etc. to accept quick online payments.

Proposify – proposal app

Write and design beautiful cloud-based proposals and close more deals.

Proposify App

If you want to create new proposals with a deep level of customization then Proposify is the best app for you. This app will help to streamline your proposals and contracts and amplify your sales close rate.

Also, get notified as soon as the client opens the mail and clicks on the proposal link sent. You can save your created templates, effortlessly edit and reuse it next time. The easy-to-use software is best suited for beginning freelancers.

Grammarly – grammar and spell check app


Ultimate digital writing assistant for every freelance business.

The power of correct grammar cannot be underrated. Good grammar is not just a set of rules that has to be followed by bloggers or content writers, it’s also essential for every business to create a positive impression. Grammarly is a great app that will help you eliminate right from the silly to major grammatical errors.

Right from messages to docs, emails to social media posts, blogs to essays, Grammarly ensure that the content is error-free, plagiarism-free, clear and engaging. It checks for grammar, proofreads and can easily enhance any text.

Dropbox – cloud storage app

One of the most hyped apps and for obvious reasons.

Drop Box App

Dropbox is a perfectly awesome tool for freelancers to keep their workspace organized. All your files and documents will be saved and synchronized on all of your devices with a simple drag-and-drop system.

Access your files from any device and also keep it safe on a personal cloud. You can share work with your clients, leave feedback and also review customer comments, right from Dropbox. You get 2 GB space with the free basic plan, you can upgrade the plan as per your requirements.

Evernote – note taking app

Simple note-taking app to instantly capture your ideas that are flowing.

 Evernote App

Creative ideas can strike anytime, Evernote app can save your thought. It is like the memory backup that helps you remember everything. Evernote keeps all your plans, information and projects organized and also manages your to-do-list.

Notes can be in any form, text, photographs, drawings or even web content. It’s a cross-platform app which means you can access information from any device or platform as per your convenience.

Cushion – planning app

Peace of mind app for freelancers to manage healthy work-life balance.

Cushion App

All work and no play? Not anymore with cushion app as it offers bird’s eye view for the entire year and helps you to the much necessary breaks when needed. You can keep a track of almost everything – tasks, invoices, finances, projects and plan and manage accordingly.

You can also schedule your vacations with the help of a cushion app. This app is built by freelancers for freelancers, so you are guaranteed with benefits and frequent improvements.

Toggl – time tracking app

Toggl - Free Time Tracking Software

Productive tool for hassle-free time-tracking and creating powerful reports .

Focus more on planning and leave the pain of real time-tracking to Toggl. This app has an intuitive user interface that helps to save yours and your team’s time in tracking and reporting. Your data gets synced in every device as Toggl supports multiple platforms. If you start the timer on your phone, you can effortlessly stop it on your desktop browser. Almost every admin work can be left to Toggl while you can focus more on your core business.

You can start using Toggl with its free plan. The app offers different pricing plans to fit right from startups to enterprises.

Figma – collaborative interface design app

A collaborative design kit having every tool for the design phase of a project.

Keep your creative juices flowing and bring your ideas to life with this amazing all-in-one cloud-based design tool. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can easily collaborate with your team, co-edit, co-design and also share a link and get feedback from your client.

It’s the best tool for freelancers to collaborate and come up with their best work. Figma is packed with design features like vector networks, arc tools, prototypes, animated GIFs, component libraries, plugins, and much more. This UI UX application can really be productive for the design process.

Shake – create, sign and send legal agreements

Shake Law by LegalShield

Easily create, sign and send legal binding agreements in seconds

Legal documents and agreements are something that mostly all freelancers dread about. Shake by LegalShield comes across as a handy legal help. Professional looking and incredibly detailed work-for-hire agreement created by Shake is very ideal and can be sent to the client within seconds. It covers all basic components like scope of work, payment terms, confidentiality, ownership, warranties etc. Both the freelancer and client can review the agreement and sign.

Shake also helps in creating agreements for buying and selling, rent and lend, money loan and more. By taking inputs like loan terms and interest, the app automatically calculates monthly payments. Shake is completely a time and money saver app for freelancers.

The large group of freelancers around the globe are constantly putting their efforts to boost productivity, streamline the work process and most importantly get paid on time. This list of best freelancer apps above, predominantly focus on solving all the issues and make it easier for freelancers to run their business efficiently.

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