Top Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-followers

Unlike most of the social networking sites, Twitter is an account with some restrictions and limitations. Whether it is the character limit for the post or the followers limit. Yes, Twitter has tightened up the follower list. You follow users without a second thought but do they add value?
Well, this question is more worrisome for the ones who are using Twitter as a marketing channel.

Follow-back is always the best practice to gain more followers but following users who eventually don’t follow you or following the accounts that are inactive, suspended accounts, or are not relatable or compatible for your business are actually frankly speaking just a clutter. So the only solution is to unfollow the non-followers.

So if you have decided to follow the unfollow route let us make it clear doing it manually could be really a hassle. Sitting and verifying each and every follower account can waste your time effort. Take the help of the best Twitter tools that will let you unfollow the non-followers and non-essential Twitter accounts, quickly and effortlessly.

Here are the best 5 Twitter tools

1. Circleboom

It’s a smart and user-friendly tool that helps in Twitter account management. Circleboom is a web application that identifies the right profiles that will strengthen your Twitter account and unfollow the accounts that are fake, inactive, not following you back, spam, eggheads. The unfollow process is smart and quick.

Responsive design and mobile compatibility make Circleboom a more handy tool. Other features that make this tool worth considering are RSS feed module, detailed analytics, schedule post module, follow module, and more. Above all Circleboom is quite affordable as compared to other competitive social media management tools.

2. CrowdFire

It is a tool which is formerly known as ‘JustUnfollow’. So as its well-know name, CrowdFire is a Twitter management tool that makes it easy to unfollow the non-followers. You can use this tool for free and unfollow around 25 non-followers every day and keep your Twitter account clean.

Since CrowdFire has a dedicated Android and iOS app, you can get rid of the non-followers even on the go. If you want to increase your daily limit of unfollowing count then you need to upgrade it to the paid version.

3. ManageFilter

ManageFilter is another popular web-based application for the removal of non followers from your Twitter account. Apart from helping you to get rid of the accounts that are fake or are unfollowing you, you can also make your account noise-free and pay attention to the most crucial Twitter feeds.

ManageFilter also shows you the count of Twitter accounts you have followed. Apart from helping you to follow people who are relevant to you, this tool also offers features like managing multiple social media accounts, viewing and tracking your performance, scheduling tweets, and other such easy-to-use, smart features.

4. Tweepi Geeky Flush

Flush out all the undesirable users as the name suggest. Tweepi Geeky Flush is a simple and sorted tool that ensures you get more relevant followers and getting reliable out of the irrelevant ones. With this tool, you can easily unfollow inactive profiles, unwanted avatars, egg profiles, and keep your Twitter interface clean.

With Tweepi you can save a lot of time and money which you otherwise spend figuring out profiles that need to be unfollowed. Though the free version is more than enough, for more advanced features, Tweepi Geeky Flush offers a premium plan.

5. SocialBro

Connect with the audience that matters to you. SocialBro comes across as a powerful tool and as an advanced solution to mass, the unfollow the users and take you one step forward towards successful Twitter marketing.

Along with the quick and easy unfollow feature, SocialBro offers a plethora of more features that will help you grow your business which includes powerful insights about followers, competitor analysis, collaboration with the teammate. You just need to login to SocialBro with your Twitter account to enjoy all the features of the tool.

Is unfollowing on Twitter a wise move?

It is not only a wise move but it is most necessary to make sure you only follow the accounts that are useful for your business. Since Twitter comes with restriction in follower count, you need to ethically clear the clutter. You cannot follow more than 2000 people on Twitter, so make sure all the profiles are compatible and related to your business.

Use the extremely easy to use and simple tools and find and clean the inactive, fake, and spammer accounts in no time.

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